Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Udutu: Web-based Learning Management System (LMS)

Udutu: Web-based E-learning Course Authoring Tools

Udutu is your Web-based Learning Management System (LMS). M/s Udutu, in the recent past, unveiled its web-based e-learning course authoring tools and services at Facebook (, a social networking Website. This has enabled all corporate, educators and government departments to generate, share and manage effective online learning as well as training at an affordable cost without involving necessary infrastructure or enterprise software.

M/s Udutu was conceived and organized in 2005 after a lengthy academic research. Udutu’s training tools show expertise in subject and content and to meet out this requirements these tools were designed by knowledge experts. Customers include United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs, Government of British Columbia, Microsoft, Krystal Food Company etc.

The user-friendly home page has all the information about the website. You will find it easy to navigate the site and access all menus and files. You are free to use and all the learning materials you have created and released on the servers of Udutu will be running with some watermark indications. You are also free to enter into a contract for hosting your content on monthly basis and you will get $1.00 for every screen.

The English language teaching and learning community is yet to exploit this facility to its full potential.


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