Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TOEFL: New Website is Well Organized and Informative

Have you seen your TOEFL ( Website now? You will be amazed by flooded information. The website is so user-friendly and has only few navigational menu.
You may listen to videos under ‘Why the TOEFL test’. The site offers valid tips on ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’, ‘Listening’, ‘Speaking’ under ‘Practice and Tips’ category.
The category ‘Bookmarks’ offers huge amount of information about TOEFL’ under six sub-headings i.e.: Study Abroad; Study Skills; English Learning Resources; Higher education Associations and organizations; Blogs and Forums; and Learning English through Sound and Video.
Under ‘All Universities’ you may refer the names and other data about Universities and Institutions accepting TOEFL test. The list is available by country and by name of University / Institution. It is learned that there are more than 6000 institutions across the globe accept TOEFL test.
The FAQ offers introductory information about TOEFL

Udutu: Web-based Learning Management System (LMS)

Udutu: Web-based E-learning Course Authoring Tools

Udutu is your Web-based Learning Management System (LMS). M/s Udutu, in the recent past, unveiled its web-based e-learning course authoring tools and services at Facebook (, a social networking Website. This has enabled all corporate, educators and government departments to generate, share and manage effective online learning as well as training at an affordable cost without involving necessary infrastructure or enterprise software.

M/s Udutu was conceived and organized in 2005 after a lengthy academic research. Udutu’s training tools show expertise in subject and content and to meet out this requirements these tools were designed by knowledge experts. Customers include United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs, Government of British Columbia, Microsoft, Krystal Food Company etc.

The user-friendly home page has all the information about the website. You will find it easy to navigate the site and access all menus and files. You are free to use and all the learning materials you have created and released on the servers of Udutu will be running with some watermark indications. You are also free to enter into a contract for hosting your content on monthly basis and you will get $1.00 for every screen.

The English language teaching and learning community is yet to exploit this facility to its full potential.

WiZiQ: A State of the Art Virtual Classroom for Learning and Teaching

WiZiQ: A State of the Art Virtual Classroom

WiZiQ will be your favorite virtual class room wherein you can learn and teach. It is open to anyone and every one. The Website extends warm invitation to one and all to teach through state-of-the-art online sessions (both private and public). You may either to choose to teach free of cost or for some honorarium. Its virtual presence brings teachers and students together and the regional and social boundaries are not barriers to learning or teaching.

The WiZiQ Website and Web services were launched and maintained by Sikhya Solutions, LLC. The home page is user-friendly and helps users to identify navigational menu and use them instantly. The pages are attractive and well illustrated. The Website helps the browsers to meet WiZiQ members (both learners and teachers) and it is possible to share topics of interest. The website also allows to access, browse, download or upload file contents related to your topics. Most of them are usually power-point presentations. The site, with its intuitive interface, even allows organizing sessions with either a single learner or a group. The site also helps to:

1. Maintain contacts between learners and teachers;
2. Send e mail invitations to you from WiZiQ;
3. Arrange meetings between people with similar interests;
4. Exchange educational content among members;
5. Access, download and or upload and or exchange content in virtual classrooms;
6. Access sessions equipped with live audio or video;
7. Access back-up files of all your sessions;
8. Actively participate in online sessions engaged by subject experts;
9. Save cost and time of teachers and learners;
10. Run all Web based software online and there is absolutely no need to download files or OS from the site. It is compatible to all OS;
11. Use all facilities and teaching aids independently with all privileges by any participant; and
12. Search all archive sessions for any requirements.

Now your virtual classroom is few clicks away.