Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to improve your vocabulary

Strong Vocabulary Binds your Audience

Have you observed that speakers who have very strong vocabulary command respect from their clients and colleagues? You will agree that any speech should include strong vocabulary to emphasize your ideas seriously.
In our daily life we come across individuals who can talk very fluently, but the other day he may be stumbling. In a specific environment or with group of people the individual may be much more articulate than others.
Have you experienced your tongue-tied when you are commencing or holding your conversation with in a specific environment? Do you find that you are let down when you are confined with poor vocabulary? May be, you just need to improve your vocabulary skills.

Vocabulary: Your Authority

Language is a communication tool. English language is known for its rich vocabulary. The way you employ English vocabulary conveys your authority and expertise. In fact an engineer or a physician is recognized for his professional skills. Similarly computer hardware engineers or software developers are adored for their mastery in computers. A painter attains his name and fame due to his artistic talents.

Vocabulary and Communication Skills

What about your skill or ability to communicate in English or any language? A strong English vocabulary and communication skills go hand in hand. You will be ignored if your English language communication lacks vocabulary. Your poor vocabulary leads to lack of authority and acceptance.

Skill to Articulate your Vocabulary

It is absolutely unwarranted to speak in ostentatious language and use obscure words to confuse your audience. It is not that your command of your language or vocabulary knowledge will reach your audience. It is your skill in using English language in an artful manner will only reach your audience. It is the skill that most of the corporate houses seek from their prospective candidates while recruiting.

How to improve your vocabulary?

Increasing one's vocabulary is a lifelong process. There are number of ways to improve your vocabulary skills. Internet is a strong contender. There are number of blogs, Websites and portals who publish tutorials, quizzes, newsletters (‘Today English Word’) etc. They offer valuable tips and tricks on improving and enhancing your English Vocabulary.
To start with, you must make yourself exposed to various forms of reading. Of course you may be already reading lot of books and magazines. Now you honestly tell me whether you are paying close attention to the language? I mean to say that you are simple reading. Have you ever analyzed how sentences are constructed and how the vocabulary is used? If not followed this in earlier occasions, you must follow from now.

What is next? You are coming across an unknown word. Try to understand how the word is used in the sentence. Give a serious thinking about the word and sentence for a while. Now you consult a dictionary and understand its meaning precisely. Repeating this in the process of reading may be annoying. But this practice makes an active vocabulary builder.

Finally, after your reading prepare a list of new words you have come across. You may even categorize them in different subject categories i.e. computer, cookery, finance, government, science, sports, technology etc. Keep continuously quiz yourself. Also use these words while speaking and writing without fail.

Books to help you improve your English
1) Essential English Grammar by Murphy (Cambridge)
2) Spoken English by R K Bansal and J B Harrison
3) Pronounce It Perfectly In English (book and three audio cassettes) by Jean Yates, Barrons Educational Series
4) English Pronunciation For International Students by Paulette Wainless Dale, Lillian Poms

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Thanks for sharing this post.A great way to become a great English communicator is to learn how to increase English vocabulary.