Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Choptalk: A Word Game from TeachitWorld

Choptalk: A word Game

Fig.1 Choptalk Window showing jumbled word string

Are you interested in putting back the text string that is broken into jumbled chunks by Choptalk? It will be challenging. Choptalk lets you to enter a text string of your choice. The word puzzler breaks the string into chunks and jumble the chunked pieces. As a learner you are expected to put back the pieces into its original form. This is what the challenge Choptalk has for you.

Choptalk is a word game program from Teachitworld. It alerts your brain and makes you to think possible English word combinations. It hones your spelling and punctuation skills. The problem will be teasing and testing your patience. Once if you have finished successfully you can be proud of your skills. More and more work outs will improve your language skills. Now you may appreciate yourself.

How to register with Choptalk? Is there any subscription? Teachitworld allows only registered subscribers to use Choptalk. However Choptalk offers a challenging session for people to glue together the jumbled text strings from a familiar political speech. You are expected to know that who delivered the speech, the place at which it was made and on what date. Once if you are successful, you may win one year subscription free of cost.

Now you may try a free sample word workout

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